Our History


Thurrock & District Cerebral Palsy Society was established in 1964 by a group of parents to give each other mutual support while all coming to terms with the same problem, a child or young adult with cerebral palsy.


The charity has never had any support from governing bodies and is entirely self-funding, relying on the hard work of volunteers who fundraised via collection pots, garden parties and endless begging letters! Needing somewhere to run the business from, we'd set up in council premises, but as each lease expired we had to move on. What we needed was a permanent site and we'd oftened dreamed of having our own premises, but it was so hard to achieve. And then in 1994 it finally happened. The breakthrough for this charity came when we purchased our own charity shop. This then became our main source of income.


Further progress was made when the charity secured a lottery grant to build our own Respite Home at Walton-on-Naze, Essex.


In 2005/6 the shop adjacent to our original one became available, with a flat and land to the rear. We obtained a mortgage and purchased it, expanding the extra sales area to cover furniture and household goods.

The flat above was re-furbished and sold, which gave us funds to go towards building our own centre at the rear of the shops, another dream we had had for many years. This center would hold our Headquarters, be fully disabled-friendly and contain the 'Kids First' School Of Conductive Education, for Cerebral Palsy children.

And now, at last, after years of hard work, our dreams are reality.  


We just need your help to continue.