for children with Cerebral Palsy



Its inception started in a small room in a Doctor's surgery, around 1994. Initially it was set up to assist mothers whose children had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. We wanted to organise a network to build up friendships and telephone contacts so parents could talk through their concerns with people who had similar problems.


We progressed from this early beginning to research Conductive Education, which originated in the Peto Institute in Hungary. We commenced raising funds to purchase specialised equipment and for training two Committee Members on the Basic System of Conductive Education. At this time we were working under the charity of the Thurrock & District Cerebral Palsy Society and were registered as 'Time For Tots'.

We were also fortunate at this time to secure the employment of a specialist Conductor, trained at the Peto Institute.


In 2005 we decided to take up an independant charity number and re-register as 'KIDS FIRST', affiliated to Thurrock & District Cerebral Palsy Society. We now conduct our school in the their Centre every wednesday, from 9.30AM until 3PM.

We can proudly state that 'KIDS FIRST' is now one of the most successful self-funding schools for Conductive Education in Essex.


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If you require any further information please call or email us and ask for Carol Day or Joanne Stone.